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In the ever-changing field of localization, Middle Eastern experts Loc & More have always had a keen eye on the entertainment industry. With demand and market needs skyrocketing in the past few years, it only made sense to completely separate the video game localization department and develop an entirely new and refined entity, solely responsible for localizing the games that bring joy all over the world; hence Loc & Play was born.

Video games are a gigantic part of the field and it takes a certain kind of finesse to really make sure that people all around the world get the most out of their gaming experience, regardless which language it comes from or which language they need it in. To provide the same quality as the original language so that you’d never know the game was translated to begin with.

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The foundation of the service we provide, Translation in gaming is an essential part of localizing video games for other markets.

Here, we take your game’s script and not only translate the words, but the meaning between the lines as well. That way, you can rest assured that the gamer from your target country will understand exactly what you mean for them to, even if the wording is different…


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This phase involves checking the game to ensure that its text displays correctly. Our experts use the results of the cosmetic test to send the customer a detailed report which includes information about all errors and defects present.


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Here, we check the game for semantic, grammatical, orthographic and punctuation errors, typos and incorrectly displayed text. After the customer introduces corrections based on the report, our testers go through the game again using a set script to check whether all the changes were correctly introduced to the game. This stage is called regression testing.


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Dubbing is the act of replacing dialogue, sound, or a language to fit the needs of a film. In simple terms, it means re-recording the original sound recording when we replace original voices or sounds in the language our client has requested.


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